Our Members Give Back Outside of Membership

(Above) Board Members Meghan Donelon and Robert Cangelosi at the 2023 Rum Rendezvous

“New Orleans is worth preserving,” says Robby. “We are the caretakers of our history. The Friends of the Cabildo is working diligently to not only preserve our history but bring information to our members. There is so much to learn!”

How Our Members Give Back Outside of Membership

If These Walls Could Talk

Seminar by FOC Member and Architect Robert Cangelosi, Jr.

From Creole cottages to the shotgun house, New Orleans is home to some of the most unique architecture in the country. But have you ever wondered what secrets are within those special walls?

Robert “Robby” Cangelosi, president of the Friends of the Cabildo, wants to help you learn more about the history behind your New Orleans home in his webinar, Researching Your New Orleans Property on June 24 at 9:30 am.

“I grew up in the French Quarter and from a young age I remember my grandfather telling me stories about New Orleans history,” says Robby. “I was brought up in a family of history lovers. It was always a part of my life.”

A lifelong New Orleanian and licensed architect, Robby brings decades of architectural history to his Friends of the Cabildo seminars. For more than 35 years, his firm Koch and Wilson has focused on the preservation, restoration, renovation and adaptive reuse of hundreds of historic structures in Louisiana and Mississippi.

In his webinar on June 24, Robby shares how his own research can help others learn about their homes.

“I will help attendees learn how they can utilize available resources from the city and state to learn more about their own home,” says Robby. “We’ll also discuss the different home styles in New Orleans.”

Robby’s passion for history and architecture has made him one of the Friends’ most dedicated volunteers. In his third iteration as president, Robby continues to work to preserve the heritage of the state for future generations.

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