About Friends of the Cabildo

Friends of the Cabildo Supporting the Louisiana State Museum Since 1956

Friends of the Cabildo is an independent nonprofit organization that works with the Louisiana State Museum to enhance and sustain this important and impressive public institution as a high quality and nationally recognized educational, historical, and cultural resource.

Since incorporating in 1956, the Friends of the Cabildo has grown into a large statewide membership organization, a dynamic and motivating force in broadening and supporting the aims of the Louisiana State Museum.

Louisiana State Museum

Louisiana has a history and culture as rich and as exciting as it is complex. The Louisiana State Museum collects, preserves, and exhibits the art documents, and artifacts which reflect that history and culture, and comprise the state’s collective memory.

2023-24 Board of Directors

Robert Cangelosi Jr.- President

Adam Laurie – VP Administration

Beverly Lamb – VP Membership

Tamra Carboni – VP Education

Celeste Favrot – VP Fundraising

Conor Lutkewitte – Treasurer

R. Duncan Brown – Secretary

Board Members

Aime’e Bell

Lauren Brennan Brower

Ruth Burke

Dionne Butler

James Cole, M.D.

Wayne Curtis

Michael M. Davis

Meghan Donelon

Simone Duhon

Robert Freeland

Charles Goldberg

Susan Ives

Stephen Kepper

Paul Leonard

Wendy Lodrig

Robi Robichaux

Larry Schmidt

Melissa Stein

Donna Wakeman

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