From Cast Iron Balconies to Creole Christmas

From cast iron balconies and walled courtyards, to colorful Creole cottages and townhouses, there is no place in America like the French Quarter in New Orleans. For Metairie native, Cheryl Caprera, fascination with the French Quarter started at a young age and eventually led to becoming a tour guide and member of the Friends of the Cabildo.

“Since becoming a tour guide, I have loved meeting people from all around the world,” says Cheryl. “Also, I enjoying hearing why people visit New Orleans.“

Cheryl completed the tour guide course in 2004 and has become actively involved in the Friends of the Cabildo. She lends her support to both the Ghostly Gallivant and Creole Christmas. Both events are fundraisers for the Friends of the Cabildo and proceeds aid educational and cultural programming as well as Louisiana State Museum exhibits.

Cheryl emphasizes the pivotal role played by members and volunteers in sustaining the Friends of the Cabildo.“The Friends of the Cabildo do so much to support the Louisiana State Museum system. The organization really appreciates volunteers and the volunteers work so hard to support the museums.” Volunteers and members work to make sure that tourists and locals  alike can appreciate the uniqueness of the French Quarter and its history.

Creole Christmas is going to be wonderful this year,” says Cheryl, “Our volunteers will be working hard to decorate the 1850 House and Spring Fiesta House and put together a wonderful event for our guests.”

Join Cheryl and the Friends of the Cabildo volunteers in the French Quarter at the 45th annual Creole Christmas December 27-29. Tickets will be limited daily so don’t miss a chance to enjoy the Christmas season in period-decorated historic homes.

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