A Proud New Orleanian

Wendy Lodrig, a proud New Orleans native, finds the heart and soul of Friends of the Cabildo in its vibrant membership. To her, this organization thrives thanks to its dynamic group of lifelong learners, united by an unwavering commitment to preserving and celebrating the rich culture of the region.

“The Friends of the Cabildo is a very diverse, welcoming group,” says Wendy, who serves as the Friends representative of the state museum board. “The members ARE the organization.”

Wendy joined the Friends as a young woman looking to become more involved in her community. After 30 years of dedicated service, she still finds great fulfillment in the Friends’ mission and programming.


“The Friends presents information in a really palatable and entertaining way,” says Wendy. “There is just always something to do. It’s a safe space to meet new people who really want to welcome you to their organization.”

Over the course of her membership, Wendy hasn’t merely forged new friendships and established connections with fellow members; she has also embarked on a journey of growth and learning.

“Through my years as a member, I’ve learned so much about our wonderful city and state,” says Wendy. “You can be just a lifelong learner or really do a deep dive. I’m always excited for the programming. There is always something to look forward to.”

Wendy eagerly anticipates the upcoming film series at the New Orleans Jazz Museum. She’s thrilled at the prospect of enjoying the museum’s unique space and watching films she wouldn’t have had access to otherwise.

“A membership is a great way to support your community,” says Wendy. “I even give memberships as gifts for the holidays!”

Interested in giving the gift of membership? Invite your friends and family to be a Friend by clicking here.

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