Born to a famous swing bandleader and a lively bank teller, Steve Conn is a skilled pianist, singer, and songwriter. His music beautifully reflects his lifelong pursuit of love, hope, and truth. A native of Pineville, Louisiana and a Louisiana State University graduate, Steve released his latest album “Flesh and Bone’ in February. 

“Flesh and Bone” is a testament to Steve’s artistry. The title track, with its soulful melody, invites listeners to join him on a musical journey through the ups and downs of life. “Sing Me To The Other Side” transports his audience back to the heart of central Louisiana, where his career had first taken root. His music had been shaped by the mountains of Colorado, the canyons of Los Angeles, and the hills outside Nashville.

Join Steve and special guest Sonny Landreth on Thursday, November 9 as they prove their mastery of both music and storytelling. Featuring insightful songs and tour-de-force performances, it is sure to be a night to remember.

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